Life Insurance Service

NAUMAN ASSOCIATES has been providing actuarial services to various Life Insurance Companies operating in Pakistan, Kenya, U.A.E, India and other countries, since 1990.

We recognize that actuaries must provide advice which is technically sound. However, such advice will only be useful if company objectives and consumer and business environments are kept in view. This requires developing a keen sense of the client’s needs and environmental realities and forming an interactive alliance with the client to successfully achieve the required goals.

We offer the following consultancy services to Life Insurance Companies:

  • Strategic Advice to achieve desired objectives.
  • Product Development: formulating appropriate insurance products and riders, in harmony with company strategy and strengths.
  • Product Pricing: ensuring insurance products and riders are competitive and adequately priced.
  • Profitability Analysis: by different business segments (such as line of business, type of product etc.) and identification of areas requiring corrective measures.
  • Actuarial Valuation: for fulfilling statutory requirements and providing management insight to the asset and liability values of its Life portfolio.
  • Model Office Projections: assisting management in prudent and appropriate planning and budgeting by developing realistic business projections.
  • Embedded Value Analysis: assisting management in getting a greater understanding of the true and fair value of its current and projected business.
  • Asset Analysis: assisting management in determining appropriate composition of Life fund assets in view of the “type” and “term” of future obligations; type and terms of available investments; regulatory requirements; etc.
  • Expense Analysis: assisting management in determining compatibility of priced expense margins with actual expenses, identifying inefficient and waste areas etc.
  • Marketing Support: assisting management with distribution related issues for achieving effective business penetration and retention of policyholders in desired market segments.
  • Systems Support: providing advice to management for optimizing operational efficiency of company’s computer systems, defining appropriate data storage requirements, designing appropriate and effective MIS reports etc.

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