Shehraiz Husain (Vice President)




Shehraiz joined the firm in March 2017. He is graduate from Franklin and Marshall College with majors in Economics and minor in Applied Mathematics. He is a near fellow and is aiming to complete his qualification of Certified Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) and Fellow of Society of Actuaries, USA.



Before joining Nauman Associates, Shehraiz has worked as head of actuarial department of a recently acquired life insurance company in Pakistan, before which he was the head of actuarial department for a leading Family Takaful company in Pakistan. After joining Nauman Associates, we will become a key member of the actuarial team providing actuarial services to both life insurance and general insurance clients.

His areas of specialization are:

  • Strategic advice to Life and Health Insurers.

  • Regulatory issues related to Insurance.

  • Product development, pricing and profit testing, for life and general insurance

  • Statutory reserving and solvency margin testing

  • Model office projections and financial analysis of various Life Insurance / Takaful arrangements

  • Capital management for life insurers

  • Risk management, and

  • Investment strategy



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